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Positive choke valves - fixed chokes - Subsea Forging

Positive choke is suitable for high pressure drilling,well testing and production accompanied with sour gas or / and sand, our positive choke valve is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A and API 16C standard and improved from Cameron H2 series positive choke. They are easy for operation and simple to maintain.

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CCSC Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is a reliable soluition provider for wellhead, frac wellhead, subsea forging parts and flow control products which in accordance with API Spec. 6A, 6D ,16C, 17D,ISO9001, API Q1,etc. As a professional supplier, we have advanced technology equipment and testing equipment, our main products involved in x-mas

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From general hydraulic hoses in cryogenic temperatures to subsea hoses that reach 10,000 feet down onto the ocean floor, our comprehensive line includes low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure pneumatic and hydraulic hoses, flexible transfer hoses, PTFE, industrial and hybrid hoses that are resistant to heat, ozone, weather, chemicals, oil, flames, UV and abrasion. The TOUGHJACKET

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Listing ID: UL 06114 - Uilical, Control, Subsea Tree, 11 hydraulic lines, - New Surplus. Listing ID: UL 06115 - Uilical Winch, 1.5 Te SWL, Control Uilical Reeler OD FMC / NIM. Listing ID: UL

Slim riser an alternate method for deepwater drilling

ABB Vetco Gray bare MR-4D (API 1.5 million lb coupling rating) 16-in. riser air weight is 16,186 lbs (1/2 in. wall tube and 3-¾ in. ID, 10K WP kill/choke lines) and with 40-in. OD buoyancy is 23,320 lbs per 75 ft joint. A comparable 21-in. ABB Vetco Gray bare flange HMF riser is 22,060 lbs (5/8 inch wall tube required to complement

Piping Elbows vs Bends for Piping and Pluing Systems

10/12/2019· Butt-welded: Used along with large bore (>=2 inch) piping; Socket welded: Used along with pipe size; Screwed: Flanged: Butt-welded Elbows. The pipe is connected to butt welded elbow as shown in Fig. 5 by having a butt-welding joint. Butt-welded fittings are supplied with bevel ends suitable for welding to the pipe. It is important to indie the connected pipe thickness /schedule while

HOG Series thermoplastic hose - Water-proof Cover

pressure from 345 to 1034 bar; iso 13628-5, api 17e, sae 100r8, iso 3949, dnv-gl, msha standards; ideal for rigs or subsea hydraulic circuits, methanol injection, bop systems, remotely operated subsea vehicles, handling of compatible gases on rigs/vessels

High pressure hosesdrilling hoses bop hoses by Mento-AS

18/7/2017· Size ID 1" 1" inch / mm 1/4 / 6.3 . 1/22" / 12.7 2" Size OD INFS50B5-1616SS INFS50C5-1616SS inch / mm 0.86 / 21.8 SUBSEA BOP HOSE AND FITTINGS SGNITTIF DNA ESOH POB AESBUS . Mento Hoses and

Deepwater Hydraulic Control System - DIAMOND OFFSHORE

4/9/2009· Hydraulic pressure of about 3000 psi is also supplied to subsea accumulator system 505 from through subsea conduit 505A, subsea accumulators 505B, check valve 505C, subsea regulator 505D, and subsea pressure piping 505E. Subsea conduit 505A is typically a one inch ID jointed rigid pipe attached to the drilling riser, but it also may be a flexible hose within the BOP control uilical, or …

Abdex Fluid Transfer Technology

1069X-16-16C 25 -16 25.4 1 1 5/16 - 12 UNF 102.5 47.5 41.0 345 5,000 E225JIC3* 25 -16 25.4 1 1 5/16 - 12 UNF 109.0 53.0 41.0 450 6,530 # * SubSea fittings. BSP swivel fitting: Stainless steel (AISI 316), other materials on request. A B mm mm mm bar psi DN size mm inch

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Synflex products include hydraulic and pneumatic hose, airbrake tubing, diesel fuel tubing, food and beverage process tubing, and a complete line of subsea hydraulic and blow out prevention (BOP) products for offshore oil drilling and production in sizes up to one inch for pressures up to 10,000 psi. Beverage Dispensing. With the coination of the Synflex® and Arrow Flo-Guard® product

US20160109874A1 - High Pressure Blowout Preventer System

A BOP system for use in a high pressure subsea environment, including a BOP stack including a lower marine riser package and a lower stack portion, the lower stack portion having a plurality of BOP rams attached to a subsea wellhead. The system also includes a riser subsystem extending from a drilling vessel to the BOP stack and providing fluid communiion therebetween, a ship board

Coflexip® Flexible Steel Pipe for Drilling and Service

3 15,000 22.500 52.3 77.7 6.5 3.3 1.0 5.0 1.5. 4 Coflexip® Flexible Steel Pipe for Drilling and Service Appliions Coflexip® choke and kill lines Choke and kill lines are an essential part of the well control equipment. Coflexip®''s drilling appliion flexibles are specifically designed to handle the high pressures and flowrates demanded by this appliion. Other advantages make the

BOP operating system with quick dump valve - Cilmore Valve Co.

Prior art subsea BOP operating systems include control pods, the lower marine riser package (LMRP), the BOP stack and interconnecting hoses and pipes. From time to time it may be necessary to perform an emergency disconnect of the LMRP from the BOP stack, for example, if a drill ship drifts off station or if a storm approaches. If it is necessary to make an emergency disconnect of the LMRP

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• Tube/hose end has mating 90° surface • SAE J1454/ISO 8434-3 standard • Sealing: compressing o-ring between two flat surfaces • Inch/Metric tube (similar to JIC/37) Tube/Hose End: O-Ring Face Seal. Nut Fitting Body O-ring Sleeve (weld or mechanically attached Confidential 2019 Parker Hannifin Corporation. Tube. Introduced in 1984, O

E3 Series Subsea Hose Fittings - Parker Hannifin

E3/E4 Series* Subsea Hose Fittings E3/E4 Series* Subsea Hose Fittings *U.S. Patent No. 10,132,434 - Patented single piece bent tube design that reduces leak points and increases reliability . Part Nuer Color Nominal I.D. Maximum O.D. Max. Working Pressure** Minimum Bend Radius Weight lb kg DN inch mm inch mm psi bar inch mm lbs/ft kg/m 2380N-16V12 Blue 25 1 25.4 1.449 36.8 5510 379.9 11.4

10000 PSI Hydraulic Hose | Products & Suppliers

description: motor type 12 inch l x 10 inch w x 15-1/2 inch h overall size 120 vac input supply rating 250 cu inch/min (rapid advance), 18 cu inch/min (full pressure) flow rate single hose hydraulic system with spring return ram appliion 10000 psi

ABCO Subsea | Engineering Solutions & Products for

Valve sizes range from 1/4″ to 1.5″. ABCO Subsea offers training and certifiion courses on the maintenance and assely of its BOP hydraulic valves. Hydraulic Shuttle Valve Advantages. Flexible unitization; Modular design ; 90 degree port orientation; Efficient piping/hosing options; Custom interface available (NPT, SAE, Autoclave, UN O-Ring, others) API 16D compliant; Size Ports

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This standard contains a section pertaining to surface BOP installations followed by a section on subsea BOP installations. 1.4 Equipment Arrangements . 1.4. Recommended equipment arrangements as set forth in this publiion are adequate to meet specified well conditions. It is recognized that other arrangements can be equally effective in addressing well requirements and achieving safety and

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Max.Elongation @ W.P.: 575X ±2% 2440N +2% / -1.5%; Certifiions. 575X ; SAE J343 ; DNV 2.9 No. 5-791.70; 2440N; ISO 13628-5; Subsea Blowout Preventer Stack Hoses. Subsea Blowout Preventer Stack Hoses . Parker’s BOP stack hoses have a flexible, compact design with a low minimum bend radius which makes them the ideal choice for efficient pluing of BOP stack hydraulic lines. …

High pressure blowout preventer system Patent

The subsea BOP 812 A is typically housed in a lower stack 814 A positioned on the of 2.6 inch outside diameter hose at 75% capacity, giving the reel a total capacity of 1,333 ft of hose. Of course, a different sized reel and/or hose can be used, depending on the needs of a particular operation. The hose can be a bundle of two lines encased in a polyurethane jacket, and the hose bundle can

Electromechanical Cables for BOP Control Systems: Problems

Of major interest at that time was a single cable to provide the link between the drilling ship and the subsea BOB, which would coine the electric and hydraulic functions with sufficient strength to act as a pulling line for retrievable control pods. Development of this cable consisted of fabriing a cable having a half inch hose in the center and thirty-eight (38) #20 AWG conductors

Quick Disconnect Fittings – Hydraulic Couplings

Eaton Expands Quick Disconnect Couplings Line, Improving Assely and Disassely for All Hose Sizes Up to Two Inches 11-06-2014 Eaton’s FD85 Series Thread-to-Connect Coupling Lloyd’s Registry Certified, Ensuring Reliability in Oil and Gas Appliions 11-22-2011

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Our hose and tubing products are available in custom lengths, in diameters 2 inches and under, and with many types of end connections. Choose materials and end connections to suit a broad spectrum of pressures and temperatures. Learn how Swagelok can help you find the right hose with the right performance capabilities for your appliion. We offer: Multiple-layered flexible conduit hose

BOP stack hoses MUX Hot lines

and as long length hot-line hose for Subsea BOP systems. co n s t r u c t oi n: Core tube : Polyamide Pressure reinforcement : High strength wire Cover : Polyurethane Colour : V12: blue, V13: green, V16: yellow te M p e r at u r e ra n g e: SF 4:1: -40°C up to +100°C, max. 70°C for water or methanol based fluids. SF 2.5:1: -40°C up to +60°C sizes a n d data: no t e s: * Max. working

Internship at Schluerger (Asia Center for Reliability

The E-Z Tree Subsea Safety Valve is made up on the test string and landed in the subsea BOP stack to provide a safety valve and unlatch system during a drillstem test (DST). After the E-Z Tree Subsea Safety Valve has been landed, pipe rams are closed around the slick joint below the valve assely to seal the annulus. The E-Z Tree valve assely coines a flapper valve with a ball valve that

E3 Series Subsea Hose Fittings -

E3/E4 Series* Subsea Hose Fittings E3/E4 Series* Subsea Hose Fittings *U.S. Patent No. 10,132,434 - Patented single piece bent tube design that reduces leak points and increases reliability . Part Nuer Color Nominal I.D. Maximum O.D. Max. Working Pressure** Minimum Bend Radius Weight lb kg DN inch mm inch mm psi bar inch mm lbs/ft kg/m 2380N-16V12 Blue 25 1 25.4 1.449 36.8 5510 379.9 11.4

Thermoplastic Hoses for the Oil and Gas Industry Oil & Gas

17/5/2012· C BOP and hot-line hoses Wire reinforced hoses. 1069X – JIC swivel fitting. 1069X-8-08C E213JFC4* 1069X-16-16C E225JIC3* Stainless Steel (AISI 316) *: Welded SubSea fitting

Taking a Fresh View of Riser Margin for Deepwater Wells

26/3/2013· Now, the decision must be made about how to treat the inflow in the wellbore. In a series of full-scale experiments conducted in 1986, defined quantities of air were injected below the closed subsea BOP on a floating rig in 3,000 ft of water. The BOP then was opened, and the behavior of the riser filled with 13.2-lbm/gal water-based mud was


BOP CONTROL UNIT MODEL SELECTION (NEW SELECTION) * As per API Calculaon / Customer Specific Nuer of Electric Pump Nuer of Air Pumps Nuer of Manifold valves Type of Diverter Diverter Pressure ON Onshore 80 80 Gal 80 80 Gal 5 5 Gal 1 5 5 HP 380 380V 1 A Pneumac 1 10 1" MSP 500 OF Off Shore 120 120 Gal 120 120 Gal 10 10 Gal 2 10 10 HP 400 400V 2 E Electric 2 15 1.5" FSP 1000 SS SubSea …